Admaston Township Public School, a seven-roomed school for Grade 1 - Grade 8 students, was opened on September 6, 1966 with an enrolment of 215 students.  It included all the school sections of Admaston, S.S.#1 - Hurds Lake; S.S.#2 - Admaston; S.S. #3 - Martin's Corners; S.S. #4 - Shamrock; S.S. #5 - Foy's School; S.S. #6 - Northcote; S.S. #7 - The Lake School; S.S. #8 - Rosebank; S.S. #9  - The Mhusk School; and S.S. #11 - Ferguslea.

Mr. Brian Yuke was Principal/Grade 8 Teacher.  Other staff included Mrs. Ilene Thom - Grade 1, Mrs. Edna Moore - Grade 2, Miss Deija Hartmanis (Mrs. William McAdam) - Grade 3/4, Miss Thelma Box - Grade 4/5, Mrs. Raye-Anne Briscoe - Grade 6, and Mrs. Luella Briscoe - Grade 7.

Chairman of the school board for the township was Mr. Howard Headrick.  Other board members included Mr. Thomas Munhall, Mr. W.L. Crozier, Mr. Keith Foy (Allan Crozier) and Mr. William MacLaren (Cecil Briscoe), with Mr. Clinton Ferguson as secretary-treasurer.

In December 1966 the building was officially opened by Mr. Paul Yakaboski, M.L.A. for Renfrew South, with greetings from the Department of Education by Mr. G.A. MacLeod, former inspector of Renfrew 2.


Key Milestone/Activity


The Rink was a Centennial Project built by the Township of Admaston.


1/2 Day Kindergarten classes were introduced at Admaston P.S.


The Township applied for and received a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Recreation for the purpose of erecting a new gymnasium, so that it would be available to members of the community at times when not being used by the school board or students.  The grant received was approximately $78,000.00

1992, April 30

With the backing of the Admaston community and Township of Admaston, the addition of a library, kindergarten and gymnasium with kitchen was opened.  The new wing was constructed by the Renfrew County Board of Education Plant Department.

1992, September 17

The Official opening of the addition took place.  The Minister of Education, Tony Silipo, sent greetings ..."as well, you are celebrating the school's 25th Anniversary.  This milestone will lead you to review your accomplishments, bringing your community closer together as it considers the future.  I commend those whose dedication has contributed to the success of the school, and I wish you all continued success."

"It will be a wonderful place for learning," said trustee Marjorie Doering.  "It's a dream come true.  This has been a labour of love - love of community."

"You've certainly maximized what you've been give," said former school superintendent Terry Harkins.  I can't think of any more deserving group.  It's just a building.  The community, teachers, staff, and students breathe life into it."

The Renfrew County Board of Education and the Admaston Township Recreation Committee have an agreement allowing the new addition to be used as a public facility in Admaston Township


Upgrades to the rink were made at an expense of approximately $5,500.00 by the Township.


The track at the rear of the school yard was constructed by the Township of Admaston.


The Recreation Committee of Admaston/Bromley purchases 12 folding tables, a ping pong table and six (6) crokinole boards at a cost of approximately $1,500.00.


The Township prepared the ground area for the play structure (hauled sand, etc.), the funds for the play structure were raised by a committee formed by a few interested and involved parents.


All Day/Alternate Day Kindergarten classes were run.


The Township assisted in erecting the soccer/football goal post.


Admaston became a JK-6 school.  The grade 7-8 students were transferred to the Renfrew Collegiate Intermediate School (RCIS), a two-floor renovated wing at Renfrew Collegiate Institute.


 Full-Day/Every Day Kindergarten was introduced.