Students are encouraged to get active during recess, on intramural teams and on our school athletic teams. Participation on teams is determined through tryouts and criteria established by the coach. The students chosen to represent the school on these teams must be students in good standing. Team shirts and equipment used by the teams are to be properly cared for and returned to the school immediately following each sporting event.

Athletic Opportunities:

Gaga PItt

Thanks to the generous funds from Admaston Bromley Township, Admaston Public School was able to purchase a Gaga pitt for recess play.  Gaga is a game similar to dodgeball, played in an octogon playing area.  The object is to avoid being hit by the ball while at the same time trying to hit you opponent to eliminate them fromn the game. Our recess game plays continuously with students rotating in as others are eliminated.

Cross Country

Admaston's Cross Country team trains regularly in the Fall. The Renfrew area meet takes part at Ma-Te-Way Park when Admaston students compete against other area schools. 

Flag Football

Students fro Admaston have an opportunity to compete in the annual tri-school Flag Football tournament t at Ma-Te-Way Park.  Our team competes against students from Queen Elizabeth P.S. and Central P.S. 


Admaston's Volleyball team represented by students in grade 4,5 and 6 practice regularly in October and November. They then have an opportunity to attend a tournament and compete against teams from other local schools including  St. Joseph's Calabogie, Our Lady of Grace, AJ Charbonneau, John XXIII, Central and Beachburg. in December the team is involved in a fun tournament organized by Cenral Public School.


The Wrestling Club  conducts an  after-school wrestling program for our students once per week. Students participate in Tournaments in February and March.

Ice Skating

Students from JK-6  enjoy the Admaston rink surface regularly for skating.  Special thanks to the Admaston/Bromley Recreation Committee and the many volunteers for their assistance in ensuring the continuation of this program.


Grade 5-6 students will be participating in the Small Schools Basketball Tournament in March.

Swimming Program for Grade 3 students

The grade 3 students participate in 8 1-hour swimming lessons at the Arnprior Pool in January, February and March every second year.    The swimming program complements part of the Health & Physical Education programs for the Grade 3 students.  Thanks to generous donations from our community and a Ministry grant, this program is more affordable for our students.

Track & Field

Students take part in various track & field events in May and June culminating with a school wide track meet and a  Tri-School Track meet at Mateway. Events include standing long jump, running long jump, skipping, shot put, high jump. softball throw, relay race, 100 metre run, 200 metre run and 1600 metre run.